Painting Techniques

I know age has something to do with it, but the boys have very different painting techniques!
I am way too type A to use anything other than washable kid paint!

Other than this photo, Miles is a VERY serious painter. No smiles, just pure concentration! And he gets into a zone, like when your kids are watching TV and they can't hear you, that's how he is when painting. So, after numerous attempts at getting him to look up for a photo, this is the quick smile I got.

Miles' palette, clean and neat.

And then there is James. He not only paint with the the brush and his hands, he actually eats it! Yes, it's also non-toxic!

Miles decided that if James kept eating the paint, it must taste alright... so he dipped his finger in the purple (his favorite color) and, "BLAH!! It's ICKY! YUCK! BLAK!" Pretty comical watching him spit and drool!

And James palette, his project was pretty much brown and gray from mixing all his colors. Next time I'll only give him 2 colors.
Oh, the project is a special surprise, so can't show it yet!!

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  1. Painting is a good way to gauge the way the boys see the world. Interesting...I'm sure that age may be a factor as you mention...but I'll bet there is a bit of their individuality in their expression even at a young age.