I know it's just a boy thing, and James is a pretty tough one, but I can not believe the bumps, scraps, and bruises this guy gets!
This picture doesn't do it justice (darn flash), but yesterday, when he stopped to pick up a rock, he tipped over and landed face first in a freshly gravel parking lot. I couldn't even react right away because it was so random, he wasn't even moving! But then he started crying and when I picked him up he was bleeding and I had to pick gravel out of his nose. Funny thing is his cry seemed more angry than hurt. Like he was ticked he fell at all! So now his forehead, nose, and upper lip are scabbing over.

Oh, did I mention his perpetually runny nose. The poor boy is obsessed with noses, mostly due to his constantly needing to be wiped I assume. So the whole wiping with owies is not too fun. He is now running when he spies a Kleenex. And yelling, "NO! NO!"

And on another "nice" note my little apple thief is still on the prowl. If you recall the apple orchard you'll know Miles feels that if the food is within his reach then there is no reason not to eat it.

Well, I am a picky fruit eater, and I have to make sure I find the perfect, bruise free one. So I rummaged through our giant bag of apples and found it. Rinse it off with cool water, polished it with the kitchen towel, set it on the counter, turned to get a cold glass of water, and when I turned back around it was gone! I was pretty sure I left it on the counter... maybe in the sink?

And then I heard it! The crispy crunch of my perfect Honeycrisp!

I poked my head around the corner and there was Miles on the couch, with no remorse!

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, after a few bites, he put it back on the counter and told me he was done!! AUGH!

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  1. At least he gave back the apple. He could have tried to flush in in the toilet. That`s what you liked to do at that age.