"Thanks for telling me!"

Our little rental has a huge bathtub in the master bathroom...So we filled it up and let the guys play. Miles liked pouring water on James' head.
And James didn't seem to mind!
On another note, Miles' potty training has reached a complete stand still. He was potty trained at daycare in Blue Earth, but when Ben left for Marshall and Miles stayed home with me, all was lost. When we try setting a timer, he cries, doesn't want to go on the potty. He can, just seems to not want to take the time. Needless to say we've tried a few tactics and get occasional poo or pee in the potty, but nothing regular.
So on another attempt to make going potty seem fun I announced, "I have to go potty, I think I'll go in my bathroom!" As I marched to my bathroom I heard behind me, "oh, thanks for telling me mommy! Your getting to be a big girl!" Hmmm, well, at least he's hearing my encouragement.

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