So many photos...

Friday was a fun and busy day!
Way too many photos to choose from for a post! We decided to go to the apple orchard.

It was super windy, but we had fun checking everything out.

This was my first time to an apple orchard, I was a little disappointed that we couldn't actually pick our own apples, but Miles decided he could pick his own! When we were in the store, he announced, "I'm really hungry for some apples!!" Then he took an apple off the shelf and started eating!

They had a bunch of old boats that the boys could climb around in.

One was filled with corn, literally a boat load!

But the best part of the orchard for the boys was this very friendly little kitten. The sweet thing kept coming around with a lion purr and didn't seem to mind the boys trying to pick her up.

We'll definitely go back for pumpkins!!

And since we were out we decided to head out to Redwood Falls for supper and some exploring.
I took the photo off a look out, Ben would NOT get within 5 feet, and he kept yelling at me to get Miles away from the "edge". This lookout was a rock wall as tall as Miles with fencing on the top (very secure). It was pretty comical watching Ben try to see the falls from so far away!

To get to the falls we had to cross this suspended bridge. Very scary!! Not sure how Ben managed this one!

At this park there was also a little zoo. One of the turkeys charged Miles when he was looking in their cage, Miles ran pretty fast!

Then we very cautiously walked out on this tippy dock. I was sure James was going to try and jump in!

It was a great family day.

A pretty crabby car ride home, since both guys were pretty tired!

Then Saturday we went and watched the SMSU Homecoming parade. Tons of candy!

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  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! i love orchards!! Thanks for sharing photos...See you all this weekend!