Some changes!

We've some changes in our household! We've started cloth diapering! I know sounds CRAZY, but these aren't the cloths diapers you all remember! They've come a LONG way!
A couple of my co-workers use these and after a ton of questions I was sold.
They are super easy! This picture is a bit fuzzy, but you can still see. No plastic pants!
And no soaking! They just go in the wash!
Here's a picture of the inside. They are so soft. Ben is sure James is in the Cadillac of diapers! And big time money saver. Did I mention people buy these things used off eBay?? Yep, so when I'm done with them I could sell them!
Oh, another thing, not diaper related... ...my car got hit by a deer!
Uh-huh! I say it that way because I never even saw the thing! I didn't run in front of my car, it ran into the front, right headlight/fender area. I was only sure it was deer because it left a souvenir chunk of fur where my headlight used to be. I get my car back from the auto body shop on Monday or Tuesday.

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