Oops! I thought I had already posted these photos of James at 9 months!
Once again, Ana did a beautiful job!Our little guy has had a rough week and a half! On the 15th, I brought him in to get some eye drops. Everytime he gets a cold one, or both, of his eyes get weeping and crusty. So that Friday morning I noticed his right eye looking goopy... in we went...

... at the clinic I found out his throat was red and he had an ear infection in his right ear! He wasn't acting sick! So we got eye drops and oral antibiotics.
Things were going just fine, no cranky 11 month old, then on Thursday he spit up a couple times during the day... unusual, hasn't done that since around 3 months, but he didn't seemed bothered by it, so neither was I.
Off to work I went, got home around 12:30 am, checked in on the boys and crawled into bed. Next thing I knew Ben was waking me up... he knows better...but my poor James, and Ben, were covered in puke! Face, jammies, hair, covered. So after an extensive clean up at 3:30am, all three of us crawled into bed (James with us). He never cried, threw up again, but never cried.
Friday I had both the boys. James took 3 naps, only drank his bottles... Miles suffered insomnia both at nap time and bedtime. At about 11:30 pm Ben finally tried to lay with him, but Miles couldn't lay still... we think maybe body aches... didn't have a fever though.

Saturday was a little better. James ate a little food, but those eyes that had cleared up were looking yucky again.

And today...

We have one VERY cranky baby! He woke up with goopy eyes and his nose crusted shut. He has a top front tooth ready to poke through and a congested cough. Ate some mandarin oranges, refused is morning bottle, woke up from his morning nap at 11:00 and was put back down by 12:00. Poor guy!

Miles on the other hand has more than enough energy for the two of them!

Oh, and he wore big boy underwear all day yesterday (except nap time), on accident in the morning and then again in the evening when playing outside with Grandpa Bob. And we are trying it today again. Problem is he still won't tell us when he has to go.

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