Desert Fun

We took off in search of warmer weather, and Arizona was perfect!!
Ben's parents are snowbirds, and surrounded by mountains, so we did some hiking.
And had a little fun with the cacti!

I made Ben a little nervous. He kept telling me to get down, he afraid of heights...

This Saguaro was quite a character!

On our last day, we took the boys hiking, or "mountain climbing" as they called it.

We were pretty impressed on how well they did. They went a lot further than we thought!

Miles taking a look around.

Me with the Superstition Mountains in the background.


Our wonderful guide, Bob (Ben's dad).

Miles REALLY close to the edge of a cliff, Ben would have had a heart attack if he hadn't been back in the car!

Crazy Miles and Crabby James.
We got a kick out of the Phoenix weather reports telling us a cool down was coming (a high of 74!)
More to come!!!


  1. I hope the vacation was as beautiful and enjoyable as the photos. Love the cactus character!! (and the little characters, too...)

  2. what a lovely pictures! so cute x

  3. adorable blog about your family. Just passing through - keep blogging.

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