Holiday Fun!

I can't believe I've never made a Gingerbread house.
James made one at preschool yesterday. They used a milk carton underneath to shape it.Since he's such a huge candy lover, he would stop talking about eating it. He shared with his brother, they got to pick off 2 candies after supper. We'll definitely have to try this at home next year!

And last weekend, when we were supposed to be celebrating Christmas in St. Cloud with the Ben's family, we got snowed in at home. Quite the blizzard here. Miles, our snow lover, lasted 10 minutes before the wind got to him.

Ben's parents made it up just in time, so we had a little Christmas with them. It was kind of fun getting snowed in.
Another little Christmas with just us four this weekend, and then off to my parents next weekend.
I like spreading out the holiday!


  1. James gingerbread house looks scrumptious! And it`s sooo nice that there is someone in the bloodline that enjoys the snow and cold. Looking forward to seeing you!

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