Valentine's Day is just around the corner and my year of no purse buying is coming to a close.
It's been a sick, sick, obsession, but I've proven this past year I can abstain! That means I'm not a TRUE addict right??
I have to admit I've had a ton of purse envy this past year. Even tortured myself by attending a purse party. Yep, almost cried. Seriously. It was pathetic. But in 2 weeks it's all over!
So I've just been peeking around on etsy.
These cuties from Christy Studio were whispering to me.

And I'm pretty sure this one from Art on Crafts is smiling at me!
You see it...

I'd be a little scared if I were my husband!


  1. LOVE the dark blue smiling one--totally you:)

  2. Very nice collection

  3. My wife uses a pack instead of a purse, but I'm very afraid anyway because she has other obsessions that require money.

  4. oh good theses bags are really amazing !! and your blog is really nice too :)
    greetings :)