Dance Party

Last week while Ben was at a meeting i went upstairs and was told by my 2 year old to go back downstairs. "What are you guys doing?" I asked. "We're having a dance party!" exclaimed Miles. So downstairs I went... ...grabbed my camera (which shot some lovely red eye), and back up I went. This had to be good. Miles was standing on a stool in his room and announced, "attention, attention everyone!" (to James). "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider has been cancelled. Thank you." He then bowed, stepped of his stool and said, "okay James, now we can dance."
And dance they did!

James caught me. I was allowed to take a picture before being banished downstairs again.
On another note... later that night while James was in the tub, I called for Miles to take a bath also. He responded, "Mommy, I just need some time alone right now." WHAT?! Yep, he did a puzzle in his room alone, and then was off to the bathtub.

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  1. those boys...hilarious:) miles kills me, I need some alone time...what a wise soul!