Quiet Time

The boys are at Grandma and Grandpa's this week, and Ben has had meetings in the evenings, which leaves me with some quiet time. I had big plans to clean the house, cook, and so on, but I've been relaxing and enjoying the alone time. Well, Carver is here, and we've been LOVING the warmer weather, lots of walks and playing outside.
I've finally been able to sit and read more! I've been known to compromise sleep for a good book, and this one is no exception! *don't try to look inside, won't work*
Kristina also introduced me to this one during our crafty weekend. It's full of so many goodies I am itching to create!

So what is everyone else reading these days? I like to have a few books lined up, so I love ideas!!

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  1. Unfortunately I don't get to read much... but this year I've read ever Redbook and Self magazine that I've gotten from my mailbox! Also I finished Angels and Demons and started the Black House. I gave up reading at night though...I'd be up until 2am!