Birthday Weekend

I went on a little crafty retreat last weekend, which also happened to be my birthday!
I left Ben with a sick (but almost better) James, and a healthy Miles.
Ben's parents came up, Louise had a reunion to go to, so it really was Grandpa Bob, Ben, and the boys. Ben had a TON of catching up to do at work, so Grandpa got a lot of time with the boys. But I'm not sure what was going on when I was gone...
Miles seemed to have learned it was much more fun to color on things other than paper!
It may not be easy to see, but that's purple marker on his face. I also found crayon on the built in cabinets in the living room. Miles told on himself, Grandpa was in James room at the time!
Kristina and I had a great weekend of scrapbooking! We laid out our paper all over the living... to make it easier to see what we had. I wish I had taken a photo! Although if I did I wouldn't post it. If our husbands saw they would definitely send us to rehab! Here's some of the things I worked on...
This was an easy way to use up the "extra" letters I had.

Kristina helped me put the binding on Miles' quilt (4 years ago I bought fabric for this blanket)!

And she gave me instruction on this easy blanket for James!

And when I got home, this adorable card was waiting for me from Ben's aunt Jeanine!
Very post worthy, thank you Jeanine!!

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