Snow Wonder!

I knew it was coming, and here it is!
SNOW! Miles was excited, "I like snow!" he told me. He couldn't wait to get outside.
James doesn't remember snow from last year, so he stood at the glass door in broken record mode, "no-ss, no-ss," his way of saying snow.
I grabbed a little snow ball and gave it to him. He wasn't too sure at first, then I let him eat some. I'll probably kick myself for that!
When we finally got all dressed and outside to run some errands, Miles was all over, and James just wanted to be held. I think it's too noisy, cars on the wet streets, he wasn't too impressed.
So I'll take Miles out later, maybe when James is napping, although it's already melting!
I know it sounds crazy but I don't want it to melt! It's so pretty, and makes me want to put on comfy sweaters, cook chili or soup, drink hot chocolate. Gets me excited for, dare I say, the HOLIDAYS!!

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  1. We had snow too. Up here in Canada. I have 3 young boys and they were so excited!

    Beautiful pictures!