Oh, the possibilities!

What a weekend of fun!
So many looks into potential careers for my little guys...
Drummers?? Sure, why not, as of now Miles definitely does NOT have a future as lead singer, and James, don't know, Miles doesn't stop singing long enough for me to hear James.

Pilots! No thanks! I want my guys on the ground, safe!

So they can just pretend!

And I wouldn't mind a couple of architects. Maybe they could build Mom and Dad a house some day!


  1. Evan indicated recently that he was going to be a brain surgeon so that he could make everyone smarter.

  2. hey Liz- I have been enjoying reading about your boys! I talked to Sara and it looks like we're planning to go scrapbooking at the cabin Dec. 12-14, so let me know if you're available..Sara was gonna call shannon and see if that works for her too! Let me know...kristina2005@hotmail.com