Early Potty Training

It's never too early, right?
James LOVES sitting on his little potty!

He sits (for about 10-15 seconds), jumps up, claps, and then is down again.

Tonight he actually did victory laps!

Nothing in the potty, but it sure was fun to see him so happy and excited about sitting on it, oh and wearing it as a hat!

Of course with all this attention on James, Miles wanted me to take some photos of him.

These were just two of the goofy faces he made!

I missed having my guys around the past 3 days, it's good to have them home!


  1. Gotta Love the Baby Bjorn Little Potty seat!!! My son is 10 months old and he uses it everyday (elimination communication)! Crazy, I know, but we haven't had a dirty diaper in 6 months! Good luck with the Potty training!

  2. Thanks! I'll have to check out elimination communication!

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