No pics for this post. Just good old fashioned writing.
My sweet boys have been kept so busy it's been hard for them to miss Blue Earth, Grandma Louise and Grandpa Bob being so close, and all our bike rides to Ankeny's. But I sure do!
Miles does make occasional comments that, "we live in Marshall," or "we're in Marshall again!" At first he seemed to think our house was Marshall, and whenever we went anywhere else we were in another town. Now when we get near our house I hear, "we're in Marshall again!" Hard for him to grasp that all these places we go are IN Marshall.
He's turning into quite the "BIG" brother these days. He likes to tell James when it's time to go, what not to touch, and of course, what not to do. But my ever independent and stubborn little 18 month old will not be lead, or told, and often says, "NO!"
Ah sweet James, my cuddler, is also my big spirit. If he's not yelling, "no," or "MINE!" then he's learning a new word or three every day. Although he often falls back into Chinese. He keeps me on my toes, he is truly a "little" brother, and I often understand why Miles hauls of and hits him. He waits until Miles sets up a nice little kitchen, or builds a tall tower, and then destruction!! Yep, never a dull, or quiet, moment.
I've recently started reading a "Love and Logic" book. Just to try and cut back on the amount of yelling I feel like I do. It's only been a few days, and we're working out the kinks, but it seems to work pretty good with Miles...James on the other hand, well, we are still working. And when my little guy gets me completely crazy, then he turns around and wants to snuggle.
Ben really likes his new job. He keeps busy with all sorts of meetings, got to go to the Republican National Convention one evening, and will have a meeting with Governor Pawlenty when he comes to Marshall tomorrow. The boys and have dragged him out to the YMCA a few times and I've strategically scheduled James' parent/child swim lessons on Thursday evenings so Ben can take him.
I am adjusting. Miss my old routine, in-laws close, Ankeny's, friends, work...but there are such great opportunities here and we're only 2 1/2 hours away. I have an interview at the hospital next week, plans to stop in at the book store tonight to see about a book club, have been working out at the YMCA regularly, and have already found one great babysitter. She was recommended by one of Ben's co-workers. I also am interviewing another SMSU student this evening for watching the boys in the afternoons/evenings. I am lonely for some friends here, but I have to be patient. Next week during Miles' preschool, I am going to take James to a parent/child ECFE group, so that will be an opportunity to meet people. I really kind of forgot how to do that!
Well, I expect some little people up soon, and I have plans to torture myself with letting them paint!!

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