Beautiful Life

Finally a plan!
I feel like I can finally relax a little now. But only for a brief moment.
This past week Ben and I found a a 3 bedroom manufactured home in Marshall to rent.
We're planning to start living there in September.
Miles will start preschool mid-September one/week. And some fun activities at the YMCA. I'm so excited. I had a informal interview at Avera hospital in Marshall, will have another in September. Just have child care to figure out yet. I looked at a couple daycare centers, got a list of good in home providers, but we'll need to see how much work I'll get to commit to anything. We may look for a SMSU student or 2 to come to our home if I don't have a regular schedule.
It'll work out!
When Ben came home on Friday we headed over to Fairmont for supper, shopping, and Lincoln Park. The boys had a great time running around the playground, then we took these steps down to the lake.
James followed Miles all over.
Miles tried really hard to throw some rocks in the water.
A couple made it.

Love this!

Miles helping James up.

James wasn't too happy with the help though.

"These flowers smell like chocolate!"

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