Wow, big changes may be coming soon. This past Tuesday Ben had an interview in Marshall, MN. I went along, had breakfast with the council and city staff (amazing group), had a tour (beautiful city), and got to peak in some of the little shops downtown (trouble). Ben had interviews beginning late morning and into the afternoon. Around 3:00 he was done and we attempted to drive through the neighborhoods to peak at housing...

...HA! After driving past the cemetery three times, all the roads seem to twist and turn, we headed home exhausted. About 45 minutes into our drive Ben received a call offering him the position!!! UGH!!!

We were just trying to digest the whole day... city, staff, interview...
...while Ben was talking, we pulled over, I had to get out of the car. So there I stood, next to corn field, sick to my stomach. Excited, scared, OVERWHELMED!

After about three hours my stomach started to settle, we got back to Blue Earth, picked up the boys, put them to bed, and turned into zombies. We were spent!

Ben is working on some minor contract issues, but we're preparing to make the move. Oh, the Marshall newspaper called about 5 minutes after the offer came!! So the offer was in the paper yesterday evening, and this morning at 7:30 during breakfast it was announced on the local radio. Ben at least was able to talk with the mayor yesterday evening. Just wish we had a little time to tell people ourselves first, especially the "girls" at city hall.

So today was another exhausting day. Ben worked, I, being a typical type A personality, had to start making plans, lists, calls...
Thank god, my parents are coming down this weekend to give us a hand.

I LOVE Blue Earth, and we will miss all our friends and especially Ben's parents being so close (working on relocating them!), but this is a very exciting transition in our lives, and Marshall has so much to offer.

I can't stop talking about all I saw on Tuesday during my visit there and have even started attempting to recruit others! heehee!

I'll try to keep you updated, but it's going to get crazy...


  1. Liz...i'm very happy for you and Ben! This move will turn out to be a great choice for your family! Of course we are all going to miss you guys to pieces...but we can always visit!! Good luck on the weeks to come and tackling the "to-do" list! If you need any help...you know who to call!