Wow, 30 years!
What an amazing life it's been so far.
And so much more to come!
Today the plan is to get dressed up and go out with the girls...
unfortunately Ben, James, and I have strep throat. We started antibiotics yesterday, Ben and James seem to be feeling much better, I'm trying really hard. Hopefully after a couple of good naps, more antibiotics, and motrin I'll be feeling up to an evening out.
Oh, my special presents today!! They actually started last evening. Miles came home from Grandma and Grandpa Martigs with a presents for me. Even a little extra tape on the ends! Then he opened it for me and inside has a little Demdaico figure. I was told from my big guy it was Mommy, baby James, and me, Miles!! He was so excited and proud! Then this morning while getting James dressed he finally said, "ma ma." That was the first time I heard him saw it! And it was so clear! It was definitely a one time gift as he refuses to say it again. And then when I got down to the kitchen there were beautiful Gerber daisies on the table from Ben!! And since Miles doesn't like to be outdone, he counted rings for me, all five! What a lucky mom!
This is a photo Ana took, every time I see it I am reminded how blessed I am to be a mommy!

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