The Boys...Together!

Attempted to get some pictures of the boys together...
...poor Ana had her work cut out!

For the most part they were running around, pants falling down...

Miles tried very hard to keep James on his lap, but little huy had places to go.

At some point Miles found a wooden spoon, on our second level, definetly need to do some cleaning! This picture just makes me giggle!

My sweet man! We went to preschool open house yesterday and signed up. He'll go once a week for 2 1/2 hours starting in the fall. He's pretty excited. After we left he kept telling me he wanted to go to preschool in the BIG school!

More pictures soon... doing James' 1 year pic's tomorrow! And had a birthday celebration last Sunday!


  1. i had a fun time taking photos of your little guys!! they are so much fun!

  2. Ana you do a wonderful job, I love the photos, it doesn't hurt to have such gorgeous,lovable little men to
    work with either, eh?
    I love seeing their little shoulders from behind.

    Don't you just want squeeze them to pieces?!