Much Better!

Halloween was fun. I'll post some pictures in the near future! And a note on the evenings events.

My boys are busy but pretty darn cute! (No bias here!!) They like to wrestle! Yep, James is only 7 1/2 months, but he's up for the challenge. Miles lays on the floor and James quickly crawls over, climbs on top of Miles and drools all over him. Sometimes he pulls Miles' hair... but Big Brother is tough and thinks it's pretty funny. They both squeel and roll around.

James just really wants to be whereever Miles is... Miles now realizes this and will occasionally lure him into unusual places... most recently I found James under the dining room buffet.

And the little guy is looking much better these days! Happiest when on the move! His new trick is standing! Loves to pull up on everything. And for the most part he can get back down if he needs to.

He's still working on cutting his first tooth. I just wish it'd hurry and break through so we can get rid of those mouth related crabbies!

We're off to Graceville this weekend for Ben's Grandpa's Birthday, then I have a conference in St. Cloud early next week, so I'll try to post again soon!

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