Long Overdue!

So sorry I haven't blogged in a while! I have TONS of pictures to put on, so I'll try to get some on in the next few days!
James had his 6 month check up a few weeks ago and he weighed in at a whopping 19#! He's now 80% in both height and weight! Eating lots to catch up to where his brother was at his age. And yes, he's getting mobile! Not really crawling yet, but mighty close!! He gets up on his hands and knees, sometimes hands and toes, and can pretty much get wherever he wants scooting and rolling. So I believe we're looking at another early walker. AUGH!! And oh man can he eat! I think Ben and I will have to get second jobs when these two are teenagers just to feed them! And James talks... well, kind of. He gets really serious and makes all sorts of goofy sounds. And this morning he and I had a shower in apricot baby food. He blows his food out and it gets everywhere. Miles thought it was really funny!!

Miles has been such a great big brother. He's started playing with James a little. He likes to show him how some of the toys work. Of course there are some toys that are just not for sharing, and so far that's just fine. James is really more interested in moving right now.

Miles is 2! What else can I say...

He talks and talks and talks! Some things are so funny. We had a garage sale the other weekend, and when we were getting ready for it we put all the sale stuff in the dining room. Miles came down stairs and saw all the stuff in the dining room and exclaimed, "oh MAN! Huge mess in there!!" Yep, it was a huge mess! And he's quick to tell me when James is stinky. Of course being 2 is much more than talking... it's also needing to be independent. This is hard for a Ben and I, since it means doing just about everything takes double the time it used to. But it also means we don't have to do everything for him. I just realized the other day that he's going to graduate in 16 years!! Doesn't seem that far away! And really scary that he's only 14 years away from driving!! I'm not sure I can handle that!!

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