Roadtrip Photos (day 1)

On our way down we stopped in Minnesota City. We couldn't drive through due to the bridge being washed out from the flooding. It looked like someone took a huge bite out of the Earth from under some of the homes. There were also a lot of mudslides olong the way.

Just a sign... sugar loaf... in Winona.

Our first food stop in Brownsville, MN. We agreed we would not have any fast food on our trip. I had some really good homemade vegetable beef soup!!

It was a little dark when we made it into Iowa. It took a LONG time to get pictures at this sign. Since it's reflective and we're not, most of the shots blacked us out.

Our first night in Marquette, IA at the Frontier Motel. We were right next to the Isle of a Capri (a casino boat). There were tons of riverboat casinos in Iowa and Illinois.

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  1. love all the sign photos! looks like you guys had a blast! love the idea of little hotels! so quaint!