29 goals before I turn 30!

So, one of my favorite blogs to visit has a challenge...

...Post goals for yourself. Simple enough right? But they have to be goals that I'll actually accomplish in the time I've given my self.

So here they are...

1. start dating my husband again

2. take Miles sledding

3. hang up the boys' photos

4. go on a weekend scrapbooking retreat

5. host a party

6. paint the back entry

7. organize my scrapbooking space

8. learn belly-dancing

9. go on a roadtrip without a destination

10. take the boys to visit Great Grandpa Ralph

11. potty train Miles

12. get rid of the junk in the basement

13. tell my boys "I love you" everyday

14. post new blog at least once a week

15. pray everyday

16. bake a loaf of bread

17. build a snowman with the family

18. make Miles' Halloween costume

19. watch less TV

20. brush my cats

21. get trained into the Level 2 nursery at work

22. use sunscreen on face everyday

23. learn to love my body

24. clear the clutter

25. kiss Ben more

26. grow my nails

27. sit in the hot-tub at least once a week

28. learn to sew with a pattern

29. write more letters

1 comment:

  1. Great goals! I like the road trip without a destination and belly dancing. Oh and don`t get discouraged if the nails don`t grow I think that`s a genetic defect on my side.

    XO mom