Oh Boys!

Last night Ben and I took Miles to the Blue Earth Kiwanis sponsored circus. After the circus we picked up James from Ben's parents house and went home to get the boys ready for bed. Ben had to quick run back out to the circus to take care of some last minute business, so the boys and I were playing in Miles' room...

...Miles looked like he was trying to poop and since we were so close to the bathroom I thought we'd attempt to get it in the potty. We left James laying on a blanket in Miles room, and quickly ran to the potty. Too late! Miles had already finished pooping. But he wanted to sit on the potty anyhow. While he sat I peaked around to corner at James, still where I left him...

...Miles decided he was done on the potty, didn't do anything on there, and since he was 1/2 undressed I figured I'd just get him in the tub myself. I started the bathwater, turned around, and he was gone. I got to his room just in time to see him finish peeing on the blanket James was laying on (not the best aim so James stayed dry)!

It was at this time that both boys decided they were unhappy and thankfully Grandma Louise stopped by after work or I'd have completely lost my mind! So I got the pee cleaned, the big guy in the tub, Grandma Louise had James, and then Ben made it back home. How does he miss all the fun!!

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