It Finally Rained!

We finally got some rain on Wednesday! So Miles put on his galoshes and splashed around a little. He was too hungry to stay outside for long, but Thursday morning when we went to the park there were still plenty of puddles. He was so very thoughtful of the other kids and dried off most of the slides with his shorts!

Oh! Another nice little bit of thoughtfulness to share...

Miles, like me, is not a big morning person. His diaper can be filled to the max and his pajammas soaked but he will get very crabby if we try to change him right away. So we usually have to let him play in his room a bit and wake up more. Well, this morning was different! When I went in to get him he had already taken care of the pajammas and diaper! My naked little guy was standing in his crib looking so proud, jammies and diaper on the floor! Made the morning that much easier!!


  1. Glad Miles took off his diaper. Means he`s that much closer to getting toilet trained. Besides he can only get away with being naked for a short time.

  2. just stumbled in here on my blog travels. it was quite odd to read the sentence 'it finally rained' as here in england we've been desperately waiting for it to stop :) nice post! i agree with miles though, don't do mornings.