I love being back at work.
I'm a much more pleasant person.
And a better mom.
Although I still wish there were more time.
More time to spend with the boys.
More time with Ben.
More time to dabble in my hobbies.

I am quickly learning that there is no slowing down.

So I'm juggling.

Family, friends, work, self.

Ben, the boys, and I go for family walks after supper.

I'm going on a road trip to who-knows-where with my girlfriend Erin.

I'm back at work with less hours.

And I'm using my "Wednesday Ladies Night" for scrapping and photography.

I love my busy life.

I love my generous husband.

I love my handyman Miles and ticklish James.

I love our messy home.

I love our small town.

I love my faithful friends.

I love my rewarding career.

I love my honest camera.

I love my neglected scraping nook.

I love my busy life!


  1. I love your blog, and I am glad you are getting back to your photography,
    you have a wonderful eye!
    Happy Anniversary! I am glad you and Ben are enjoying your time together
    raising your little artist and the
    talker, life IS good.

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  3. I love the pictures and your writing. What a great way to express yourself. You have a wonderful husband, two charming boys and a great community. My prayers for you have been answered. Keep living life!
    XO MOM