In typical mommy fashion, my boys are my biggest photo inspirations. I could, and probably will, take millions of pictures of them. I recently started playing with Adobe Photoshop, tons of fun but lots to learn. I think I'm ready to share, so ENJOY!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo! We took Miles to the Eagle's Nest (a huge indoor playground) and I got this shot while he was playing in the balls. Pretty lucky to get it, he currently does not want me taking pictures of him.

I was playing around with lighting here. We had tons of sunlight coming in the window, so I turned to flash off to get this shot. Pure concentration, you can tell because the tongue's peaking out!

An artist's hands, the next Monet?

Sweet Baby James!

My friend Ana took this picture while she and her fiance, Brandon, were watching James. Great perspective! She is a very talented photographer and scrapper (just check out her blog -> )!

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  1. Very Fun! Great photos! Those boys are lucky to have such a dedicated and focused mom & dad.